Homeless in Middle England – Why has the amount of Homeless people risen since 2010?

In this short Reality Swipe Documentary we look at the recent rise in homeless people living in the UK and look at some of the issues that cause people to end up sleeping rough.

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69 Responses to Homeless in Middle England – Why has the amount of Homeless people risen since 2010?

  1. Glen Bowry says:

    Give it a rest Nobby

  2. Edward Clark says:

    What’s wrong Glen. Have people started to realise that you hero Russell isn’t as honest and diligent as he portrays himself to be?

  3. l farnsworth says:

    its ok I am in the process of getting the press commission involved and have someone interested in the real story now.. may take a few but thanks for the platform reality swipe as i said two sides to every story and evidence does not lie ….

  4. Edward Clark says:

    POLICE are warning women in Chelmsford to be wary following two incidents in which an attacker grabbed women inappropriately in Bunny Walks. The most recent incident took place on March 8 on Riverside Walk, opposite the Riverside Inn pub, a woman was followed at around midnight by a man who then grabbed her from behind, holding onto her breasts. The victim screamed at the suspect who then ran away. This followed an incident which took place on January 10 between 9 and 9.15pm near the Riverside Ice and Leisure centre. Police to patrol Bunny Walks, Chelmsford, after report of third sex attack
    Bunny Walks grope assaults: Chelmsford police report ‘upward trend’ in sex attack reports
    A man approached the first victim from behind, and put his arms around her chest and breasts. The victim shouted at him and the man has ran off. As a result of the attacks police are warning women to be wary and, where possible, walk home with another person. Neither woman was injured but were left shaken by the incidents. Anyone with any information about the incidents or may have witness information is asked to contact Pc Andy Cox at Chelmsford Police Station on 101.
    Read more: http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/Police-warning-sex-attacker-assaults-women-Bunny/story-20805412-detail/story.html#ixzz2xZtVkIiv

    The latest incident within CHESS was when a middle aged woman went to the shelter in the hope of avoiding nights on the street. She was told that there was no space at the present time. That very week the Chronical had printed a front page article warning local women that there was a dangerous man who had attacked 3 women in the last week. With this in mind, any woman was now a vulnerable person. However when Dr John Rees phoned the night shelter at just after 19.00 hours on Sunday evening the 23rd of March. This was after the dean of the cathedral had asked for his assistance in an attempt to help this unfortunate woman. Dr Rees was told that the women had already approached CHESS and had been told that there was no vacancy’s. The CHESS night staff added that if she came to the shelter at 20.00 hours she would be given food. Dr Rees said he would bring the women to the shelter immediately himself as she was dubious about walking to the shelter on her own as it was becoming dark. The night staff told Dr Rees that the woman would not be allowed in the shelter at all and would not be given a meal before 20.00 hours. This would mean she would have to wait outside the building in the cold and wet until 20.00 hours. After the meal the woman would have to depart to make the best of the night as she could.

    The night staff had basically told this poor woman in no uncertain terms. That it was her decision in her role as senior CHESS representative of the night shelter at the time (backed by CHESS policy and therefor CHESS trustees) that the woman was expected to walk the streets all night. In all probability knowing that there was a dangerous male predator roaming the streets of Chelmsford. It is a claim of CHESS that the trustees and staff of CHESS are there to give help and assistance to ALL homeless and particularly the vulnerable. Yet the night staff could not even bring herself to help another woman in need by allowing her to remain in the shelter (even if she had to sit in the kitchen) that night. As the night staff are paid to be in the shelter overnight, then surly there should be at least one member awake throughout the night in case of emergencies? Therefor as the woman would not be left alone, why was it not possible to allow her to pass the night in the safety of the night shelter?

    CHESS is no longer being run as a charity, but is nothing more than a business and its main concern is the making of profit. Where this profit is going is anyone’s guess as it is definitely obvious that it is not going into helping the people that CHESS was formed to help. The trustees have made it very clear that they will not even spend the few pounds it would cost to build a cover from the elements for the rough sleepers to gather when they are eating their meals outside the shelter, meals which they have to eat from the ground as it is.

    I have asked exactly how much CHESS staff are receiving for their services to CHESS but my only answer has been a refusal to divulge this information. Why would the chairman of trustees not be happy to give this information to any that wish it? Surly he must know how much his staff are receiving for their services? Why should one who asks him directly be told to contact the CHESS accountants for that kind of information?

  5. Edward Clark says:

    May I offer a quote from the CHESS February Newsletter, “Essex County Council recently created a mini film of their Emergency homeless response team and it has been successful in developing awareness. The cost for this would be in the region of £2000. If you would like to contribute to this new media channel, please contact Rob Saggs”. Who are the emergency homeless response team, are they manned by the council employees or the employees of CHESS? Can you tell me Russell if your Reality Swipe is the team that is making this film? If this were the case this would give you 2000 reasons for not making an unbiased film about CHESS in your role as a volunteer maintenance man would it not?

  6. Nobby,

    There are so many points we have to address that I could spend all week doing it, but the last one I couldn’t leave. We got no money whatsoever from CHESS, Rob Sagg, Essex County Council or in fact anyone at all. Whatever this news letter is about has nothing at all to do with us.

    Also there is something else I need to make very clear. Reality Swipe is not Russell. The way you tell Reality Swipe’s comments apart from Russell’s comments is by looking at the name above them.

    We are still looking into all the claims you made but due to adding a new aligation every couple of days it’s taking longer.

    Rob (from Reality Swipe)

  7. Edward Clark says:

    If Chess didn’t keep giving me a reason to comment, then I would be happy to await a reply from you. All I am looking for is for both sides be given a fair chance to be heard. I await your findings and should you require any more information please don’t hesitate to ask.

  8. Edward Clark says:

    I was told just this morning that CHESS are now admitting that they did not buy the land for the night shelter that they fought so hard to gain planning permission to build a 19 bed and other amenities building. It is my understanding that the plot was sold to the residents of the area for the paltry sum of £77,000. I was told by a reliable source today that CHESS also boast of a readily available cash fund in access of £200,000 at their disposal. Yet not only did CHESS fail to secure the plot. They still claim that they cannot afford the few hundred pounds that it would cost to erect an awning for the rough sleepers to eat their evening meal under, out of the rain. This is food supplied mainly from the donations of shops and other sources. By the time the rough sleepers get this food it is substandard due to having been cooked 3 or 4 days previously or because the food is no longer within its use by date. Neither can they afford the seating arrangements to eat this food from. Yet CHESS staff and trustees still claim to have the best interests of the homeless here in Chelmsford at heart. With this in mind, how can the CHESS trustees still hold to their claim that CHESS is still run as a charity and not as the profit making business that it so obviously is? Profits come first. The homeless, a very poor second.

    Having collected the vast sum’s form many different donators with the promise of a new night/day shelter being the reason. Will CHESS trustees now return these donations to the kind donators as the new build is no longer an ongoing project? Or will some other building contractor step in and offer the trustees another plot on which to build the new shelter. Providing that the trustees of CHESS gain the necessary planning permission first of course? If this were the case it brings to question as to whether the trustees would actually go through with the purchase on this occasion. Going on past performances of the chair of CHESS, I doubt very much if the donations that were allocated for the new CHESS shelter will be returned. Prior to the closure of the old day shelter a church organisation located in the Shandon area donated £10,000 for the specific purpose of keeping the old day shelter open after the chair of CHESS claimed CHESS could no longer afford to keep the shelter open. The chair of CHESS readily accepted the donation only to go through with the plan to close the day shelter shortly after. As it would seem was his intention all along. This donation was never returned or even offered to be returned.

    If it were not for the nepotistic attitude of the local MP and many members of Chelmsford City and Borough Council. CHESS would surly have been looked into by organisations other than the local ones backed by CCC and CBC. It beggars belief to imagine what such an investigation would bring to light.

    I would like to point out that I am not a reporter, nor have I ever professed to be one, even a semi-professional one. Yet I can discover all these points without even trying. Simply by speaking to and listening too people who are more than happy to talk to me during casual meetings.

  9. Edward Clark says:

    It seems that not only are you not going to answer me, you have stopped others from visiting this site. Why are you scared to let others see what a gullible idiot you are? Or is it that you know that what I am saying about CHESS, and now Reality Swipe is true? Like I have already said, you will go far within CHESS.

  10. Russell says:

    How can he stop people from visiting his site?. I don’t think Reality Swipe has access to the WordPress servers to do something like that.

    Maybe they have stopped because you are dragging out a personal view on a blogging website. No action will come of what you claim by posting on WordPress. If you have a serious issue with CHESS (which you clearly do) take it up with the people that can have an influence.

    I’m sure Reality Swipe and Rob have more pressing issues than a small charity based in Chelmsford. You seem to have plenty of time so I suggest you use it constructively to bring down CHESS (Star Wars Imperial March music starts)

  11. Edward Clark says:

    The bringing down of CHESS has never been my intention, as I feel that a charity that is run for the homeless is a much needed on in this and any other area. The uncovering of the disgusting way that CHESS trustees and staff have been allowed to get away with their treatment of the homeless is a high priority for me. Tell me Russell, who are you and what are your reasons for championing Reality Swipe, and therefor CHESS? Surely they are capable of speaking for themselves? As to the blocking of this forum. Many people have told me that when they try to access this site, they have been blocked and told that it was a malicious web site. I’m not a computer person, so I cannot explain this phenomenon. You seem to be an expert on most things, can you explain it?

  12. Russell says:

    Thanks Edward, I’d like to think I am an expert in most things!

    I’m not championing anyone’s cause, but without two ways to an argument its not an argument!

    Reality Swipe isn’t CHESS either, they done one documentary on CHESS and that is all! Just because I have been to Russia doesn’t mean I condone whats happening in Ukraine the same with gun laws in the US.

    Being that WordPress is the most used blogging site on the internet I can see why WordPress and WordPress would be targeted, but to target a small blogging site out of the 60m WordPress sites is a bit of a stretch! Reality Swipe uses WordPress as their server, they have no influence on why malicious software is coming up on their device. All the videos are hosted through YouTube so can be no problem their either.

  13. Edward Clark says:

    You still have not made it clear who you are Russell? Are you affiliated with Reality Swipe or CHESS in anyway? Or are you just a person who likes to beat their gums about things that they know nothing about just to try and make themselves look good in front of friends? As a point of note, when I said you were an expert in most things, I was OF COURSE being sarcastic. Personally, you give me the impression of being an arrogant, self centred, spoilt little boy who must at all times be seen to be having the last word. Please, be my guest. You imply that you do have concerns about the abuse of fellow human beings, yet you are loath to accept the FACT that my accusations against CHESS are true. You will not even take me up on my offer to share my evidence with you proving that you are not interested in my side of the argument and are happy to talk about something you know absolutely nothing about. It seems that you are constantly trying to take the onus away from the corrupt and despicable actions of the trustees and staff of CHESS. I have no intention of getting into a personal argument with you or anybody else. My interest is in bringing to the public’s attention the disgrace that is CHESS under the present trustees and staff.

  14. Russell says:

    Oh Edward!

    Of course I know you were being sarcastic! That’s was clearly obvious, you clearly didn’t get my sarcastic comment back!

    I am not affiliated with either however I like Reality Swipe’s work and would be keen to work with them at any point. Not on the homlessness case along but other works and projects they may have.

    You are correct! I have no knowledge of the events but I have some knowledge of homelessness when I worked for another charity. As I have said before you have problems with CHESS, which is fine so please do something about it and stop posting in this blog! This blog will solve none of the issues you have with CHESS.

    May the force be with you Edward!

  15. Edward Clark says:

    Oh good, glad my sarcasm shone through. You still haven’t told me who you are. As you could be Rob West using an alt or even Rob Sags doing the same. I really don’t want to get drawn into a needless argument with someone who hasn’t got the gonads to be up front and honest. Once again, very good traits for a member of CHESS. Unless you impress me by asking a relevant question, I will not bother answering you again Russell, sorry, Princess Lear. I’ll now take my leave with the sound of you playing the EATON BOATING SONG.

  16. Russell says:

    Haha, I think you are mistake but I don’t have to impress you or anyone. Please feel free to visit more conspiracy websites to fuel your appetite. I have been more than honest as these are my views and really I’m just trying to get your goat and you bite every time! I don’t think you got the Star Wars reference but that’s ok.

    Love Russ

  17. Edward Clark says:

    Date: – 12-05-14

    Dear Sir’s,
    Mr Hodgkinson, yet again you and the trustees of CHESS (as no decisions are made by CHESS staff without the authority of the CHESS trustees) have demonstrated that they are happy for CHESS staff to lie as they see fit in an attempt to be seen to be the only charity in Chelmsford directly involved with the homeless. This could be that you feel embroiled by your seeming success at hijacking the article written by Dr Rees.

    Apparently when a homeless person approaches the council, Salvation Army, Hall Street Church, the Food Bank or any other charitable organisation where the homeless may congregate or go to receive support, they are given a card which informs them where they can receive practical help and food. Today a Mr Keith Otter, an X CHESS chaplain told both Dr Rees and me that Mrs Parker had asked that the charity Sanctus which is situated in Broomfield road Chelmsford be taken off this list. He said he was told by Jacqui that she had received a phone call from Caroline that as there was so many people turning up at the place in Broomfield road for food each day that Caroline could not cope with the numbers. This is not true; Caroline denies ever making such a phone call to Jacqui or any other member of CHESS staff or trustee. Caroline goes on to say that she has never implied this to any of the CHESS service users that frequent Sanctus for a hot meal 6 days a week either.

    Mr Otter admits that as Caroline vehemently denies making this call, then it has to be the manageress of CHESS that has lied when she told him she had received the phone call stating that Sanctus wanted to be removed from the support to the homeless list. I feel that it was done by Mrs Parker on the instructions of CHESS trustees in an attempt to stop any new homeless from easily hearing about Sanctus so that CHESS will remain in a position to have the first chance to any money that can be made from the misfortune of these homeless people.

    I was told by Steve, the founder of Sanctus that someone claiming to be nothing to do with CHESS approached him one day in the café. By the description I believe it was Mr Otter that had approached Steve. This person made this visit in an attempt to force Steve to close the cafe where the homeless congregated and were fed during the hours that CHESS insisted that they walk the streets of our city. This person also told Steve that Sanctus could not open as a day centre as the running of a day centre was the sole responsibility of CHESS in the Chelmsford area. Once again it would seem that CHESS are merely trying to monopolise the homeless situation for their own gains. Financial gains that is.

    Once again the trustees and staff of CHESS have shown themselves to be nothing more than liars and cheats. Yet our MP and councillors still protect CHESS. Which makes me at least; wonder what the MP and councillors are getting from CHESS in return for their protection? Or for at least, not divulging what they are told about the practices of this disgusting sham of a charity. If this support from our MP and councillors for CHESS were to become public knowledge, it could well be that they would find themselves held in the same regard as Lord Hanningfield is at the moment. They are all public servants after all.

    I would also like to remind you Mr Hodgkinson that Mrs Powell is still awaiting your answers to her questions in her letter to you dated 14-03-14. Tell me Mr Hodgkinson, has Mrs Powell implied that you are conducting nefarious activities under the cover of a charity too, is this the reason you are refusing to answer her letters as you refuse to answer mine? I think that we both know the real reason for your not answering my letters is that every time you do answer you simply expose more of the improper actions made by you and your staff?

    Best regards

    E Clark

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