Reality Swipe is  a online news and interview show that champions  Science, Statistics and Research! Here we look at what’s happening in the world. The difference? well instead of taking a random stab at causes for an issue – the tactic chosen by most social commentators – we try to strip away any bias, spontaneous reaction and presumptions then use research to get to the heart of the problem. Striving for the reality behind anything, despite how murky the water gets! Warning, there may be attempts at jokes. I’ll apologies for them now….

If you like this, check out Reality Swipe  at  http://www.youtube.com/RealitySwipe . Grabbing Leading Public figures by the ankles spinning them on there heads, and shaking every drop of reality from them.

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  1. Mike McGee says:

    Who are you and what part of the British Empire are you from? I like what you are saying and yet I’d like to know your background and what motivates you. Post it or let me know at mm@mcgeehome.com

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    Really appreciate you following my blog. Interesting site/approach you have here. I’ll be checking back to see what you’re up to.

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  11. This is a great blog, one I am looking forward to following!

  12. mrsviking says:

    Hi, thanks for dropping by and liking my recent post. I’ve read some of yours and find your different take on things interesting. Will keep reading.

  13. Debbie says:

    Wow! Thanks for the likes and the following. Thanks for a fresh look at reality.

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    Thanks for following my blog. You have some amazing posts here – definitely going to return.

  17. What a great blog! It has a more heplful Radiolab kinda vibe!

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  19. lovelee90 says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog and following! I like yours too haha, interesting stuff! 😉

  20. Ninja says:

    Thanks for stopping by to the Three Things Project. Enjoy.

  21. Kristy J. W. says:

    Good morning!!
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  23. Hey there poster of mystery, thanks for the follow! Look forward to you Youtube interviews…

  24. soad88 says:

    I nominated you for the sunshine Award http://soadhachami.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/sunshine-award/ have a nice day ! 🙂

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    Oh, and any “attempts at jokes” are appreciated!

  26. Hello, and thank you for deciding to follow my new blog. I will attempt to live up to your ‘Pretty Awsome’ rating on “Will we see a summer of discontent in Europe this year?”, with future posts and in the meantime have reciprocated on your site. Kind regards, Henry.

  27. dannignt says:

    Thanks for the follow 🙂

    I look forward to reading the ‘unbiased’ news reports. I am not sure if you have read my post about deleting all my news apps but your blog will now be my only source of news!
    Since deleting them all over two months ago, I seriously have no idea what’s happening in the world. Is that a bad thing? Well not really considering what ‘they’ tell us isn’t really what’s happening at all, so if I am not going to read the truth then I’d rather not know anything.

    So the newsaholic in me looks forward to reading the news again, of course from a totally unbiased point of view 🙂

    Thanks again!

  28. barakabe says:

    Thanks for the follow RS- much appreciated- great blog: loved the fall in violent crime topic. Very interesting.

  29. dmjc2004 says:

    This blog is too awesome, and like me, you all believe in the value of science. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Hop over to my blog and read my most recent blog post for your nomination. Keep up the awesome work!

  30. The 22nd G says:

    Thought, for a moment, about the design and focus of Reality Swipe, your anticipated audience. The About page, I’m feelin’ an can probably get with other content you all will produce. Oh, who am I? You touched down on a piece I wrote via my blog and gave me my props so I checked in to see what you’re all about.

    You’re good, I’m getting better, let’s keep pushin’ to make the world better.

  31. Thanks for the like on my Poem. I’mma poke around ‘yer page a bit see what I come up with.

  32. Carrie B says:

    I’m watching your BBC video on the homelessness crisis, it was well done. This deserves national attention. My photoblog post, The Poor Man, is about a homeless man in Havana. Today I saw a video of a homeless man who walks onto a music set in Atlanta.There is a lot of information about that moment on the site. Thanks again for your interest, your work, your heart, and for the follow.

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